misadventures in freezing

Remember the chicken broth that I made recently?  Well, imagine my discontent when I opened our freezer this evening and discovered this:



Apparently, liquids expand when the freeze.  Hey, I’m a lawyer, not a scientist!  Did they teach me this fact in high school?  Probably.  I don’t remember.  Experience is my teacher now!

Thankfully, the broth was frozen when the lids popped open and there was no mess.  The broth had been in the freezer for fewer than 24 hours, and it didn’t look too frosty, so I decided it was salvageable.

Here’s what I did:  I removed the lids and covered the containers with plastic wrap, then the lids, and then aluminum foil.  I secured this rigging the best I could with rubber bands and kitchen string.  This is what I ended up putting back in the freezer:

Moral of the story:  When freezing liquids, leave some room in the containers to allow for expansion.  Please learn from my mistake!



4 responses to “misadventures in freezing

  1. Ghhheeeetttttooooooo!

  2. Hubby: I agree. Definitely not a Martha Stewart moment.

  3. GASP!!! This is what I have nightmares about, seriously. Also the primary reason I started canning. I have never not had something seal after pressure cooking, but even if it did, you can reprocess. It has really helped me get some sleep when I don’t have to worry about something happening in (or to) the freezer……

    • I’m sorry to say that some nightmares come true! I’m planning to take a couple canning workshops this summer, and if I master the skill, I will try canning my chicken broth. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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