do not eat the (really old) wedding cupcake

Whose idea was it to freeze wedding cake for the first anniversary?  I have no idea how this tradition came to be, but I do have two words of commentary: BAD IDEA!

364 days ago (the day after our wedding), I carefully wrapped the remaining half of our jumbo wedding cupcake (vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting by Sibby’s Cupcakery) in layers of Press-n-Seal wrap, plastic wrap, aluminum foil and a plastic freezer bag.  It looked like this:

I put this in the far corner of our freezer and forgot about it. . . until several months ago when I caught Neah about to unwrap it.

Me:  “What are you doing?”

Hubby:  “This is the leftover pork tenderloin, right?”

Me:  “No, that’s our wedding cupcake.”

Hubby:  We saved that??!

And so, back into the freezer it went.

Saturday morning, I transferred our cupcake to the fridge to defrost.  This evening, I unwrapped the many layers to get to our prize: really old wedding cupcake.

Hubby and I then sat down to trade bites of it.  It tasted like gritty butter, gritty sugar and stale cake, all in one bite.  It was gross.  The photos document our reactions pretty well:

Just say no to year-old wedding cake!


2 responses to “do not eat the (really old) wedding cupcake

  1. Angela Wawrzynaik

    I love this!! Looks a lot like when we tasted ours…..GROSS! I really don’t understand this tradition either. The one good thing about it was I got my tupperware container back. hahaha

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