out of balance

I have been in document review overload at work these last several days, dictating summaries and deciding which documents to hand over to plaintiffs’ attorneys’ grubby hands.  (I am a defense attorney and proud of it!)  And so, although I have made time for making jam — my new obsession!! — I have not yet had the time to craft the kind of post that I want to dedicate to that effort.  But it will come . . . after I make my way through these 20,000 pages of documents.

Recently, at a deposition, I was chatting with the opposing attorney about weekend plans.  I said I had plans to make strawberry jam.  He remarked that such activity seemed “incongruous with being an attorney.”  Those were his exact words, and I was delighted to respond: “I know it is, and that’s why I do it.”  Making jam is old-fashioned, slow and wholesome — the opposite of litigation.  🙂

My pursuit of balance continues, although my actual state of balance may not.


2 responses to “out of balance

  1. Good for you for responding that way! I can’t believe that he said “incongruous!”

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