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iced tea with mint

Knife, Whisk and Spoon is baaaack!! Let’s ease back in with something easy to make on a hot summer day…

…and iced tea is ridiculously easy to make. Why didn’t I try making this sooner? Please share you favorite iced tea concoctions in the comments below!

iced tea with mint (unsweetened)


6 black tea bags
6 cups boiling water
2 cups cold water
several fresh mint sprigs


Crush the mint with your hands to release the natural flavors. Put the tea bags and mint at the bottom of a heat-safe vessel.* Pour the boiling water into the vessel and let the tea steep for 1-2 minutes. Fish out the tea bags (do not squeeze them) and discard. Pour in the cold water (more or less to dilute the tea to taste) and put the tea in the fridge to chill. (Leave the mint in the pitcher.) Wait about an hour before adding some ice cubes to the pitcher. Finally, put on some shades, go to a sunny spot and enjoy some refreshing iced tea!

* I used a glass pitcher, which promptly cracked and began to leak as I poured in the boiling water. So, um, I don’t recommend that you use a glass pitcher unless you know it is heat-safe. The one I used was hand- made by some guy on the beach in Mexico, so I should’ve known better. Again, I’m not a scientist, nor did I retain basic facts that I probably learned in 6th grade science, apparently. (Can someone explain why this happened?)

Anyways, CHEERS!!! 🙂