about me

Welcome to knife, whisk & spoon!

My name is Carrie and I live with my husband, Neah, in San Jose, California.  I am originally from the Midwest but have called the Bay Area my home since 2005.  The weather here allows for many months of a variety of local, organic produce, and this, along with the broad cultural diversity of the Bay Area, has inspired many of my “food projects,” which are the focus of this blog!

My husband and I are both litigators; needless to say, we have long, busy work weeks.  But we are blessed to work in places that (usually) allow us to enjoy our weekends, and we make the most of our down time together and with our small chihuahua, Charlotte.

For me, daily cooking and weekend food projects are the perfect contrast to my work life.  Relaxing yet adventurous, educational and satisfying, they bring a richness of experience and balance to my life.  (And my husband is only too happy to eat what I make!)

Buen provecho!  – Carrie


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