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pints of pickled peppers!

My cousin Angela, an avid gardener and canner in Minnesota, asked me if I had a suggestion for what she could do with the glut of banana peppers in her garden.  What to do?  Make pints of pickled peppers!!

I made pickled jalapeños, which we’ll use throughout the year for chili, nachos, quesadillas . . . yum!  Pickling peppers is easy: slice the peppers crosswise, lengthwise or leave them whole, pack the peppers in jars and cover them with your basic pickling brine (I use a ratio of 3 parts water to 2 parts vinegar) without salt, sugar or spices.  (The peppers have plenty of their own flavor to preserve!)

pickled peppers

Yield:  3 pints*

Time required:  About 30 minutes

[ *Canning equipment is required to make these pickled peppers pantry stable.  Please refer to my relish recipe and jam posts for a full list of equipment and more details on the canning process. ]


1 pound peppers (such as jalapeños)

3 cups filtered water

2 cups apple cider vinegar


Prepare the hot water canner.  (Mine takes a loooong time for all the water to get hot enough to process jars, so this is always my first step.)

Combine the water and vinegar in a sauce pan and bring it to a boil.

Meanwhile, wash and slice the peppers (or keep them whole).  Pack the peppers into pint jars.

When the hot water canner is ready to go (hot water actively steaming but not boiling), remove the hot brine from the heat and fill the pepper jars with brine, leaving 1/4-inch head space.  (It’s important to wait until just before processing so that the veggies aren’t sitting around in the hot brine, getting mushy.)  Process the jars in the hot water canner for 10 minutes.  Check the jars to ensure all have sealed, label the lids with the date and contents and await spicy winter days ahead!